Wednesday, August 24, 2011

September training regement

A few weeks back I started reading another instructors blog who is not even in my organization. I was impressed with about 99% of the blog info and one section stuck out for me the most. The guy actually posts his work outs on line. Not a video for him to feed his ego, but a outline of his training program that he has set up for himself. Its normally very basic and he runs down what he is focusing on at that point, and often most of what he is focusing on is very basic things…it got me thinking. See I am always telling people to “write it down” and to “Do your homework” and yet I only take notes when my instructor is teaching or I go to a Seminar or camp…its time to change that.

I also get asked all the time what someone should be doing to improve their Karate. Most of the people are lower ranking Kyu belts who are new to Karate and basically anything they do at home is going to benefit their training. My suggestion is always stick to the basics…front kick, reverse punch the five blocks and the basics that they see for their next testing..and never forget to go back and retrain weak points. However, I often get asked what I am working on now for my own training.

I am going to use the blog, much like the other instructor does, to organize my monthly focus and to let others know what I am working on during my training. This is all home work that I am doing at night or sometimes during the morning work outs.

September personal training


My focus for training is going to be on Sen no sen style techniques, Charging in techniques that focus on Tsukkomi style attacks. Beating the attacker to the punch/kick by attacking not just when I see an opening, but when the attacker opens up before attacking.


Meikyo, Nijushiho and Kanku dai. I am currently working on these three Kata. The winding and unwinding in Kanku dai and Nijushiho will help with hip movement and rotational attacking and the deep grounded feel of Meikyo will improve stance and stability.


I am focusing on Ippon kumite with a focus on moving off to the side and not straight back. The point being that on the receiving end to get out of the way of the direct line of power in the attack at the last minute. When attacking my focus will be on tsukkomi feeling, getting in without leaving any tells in my attacks…just straight in.


My main focus for this month is to use Mae Geri and Oi zuki to accomplish the charging in techniques to catch people off guard when sparring. My basics will include this tsukkomi in attacking and I will work on basics in this mannor through the month.

I also include the Kiba Dachi sanbon suki and the Sanbon Geri training with Mae Geri, Yoko Keage and Ushiro geri that Sensei felt would help with balance and improving my leg strength after some time off hard training.


Because I am refocusing after several years of lighter training and getting back to being in better shape I am running four times a week in the morning for ½ hour at an easy pace to make sure my knees don’t get blown out again and I am also including a lot of calisthenics. I am avoiding weights because I tend to bulk up fast and drop flexibility quickly when I do weights and focusing more on whole body work outs like Burpees and the like after I run in the morning and also after I am done my core Karate work out in the evening.

The main focus of September, other than basic conditioning requirements, is to get the feeling of Tsukkomi in movements, or rushing in to meet the start of an attack. This training is mostly “Air training” but for the winter I intend to do a lot more impact training with the pads and hopefully a new Makiwara by the end of the year.

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