Monday, January 23, 2012

January/February training program

I never start a training program out on a land mark day, its cliché and then you feel bad if you modify it or change it and don’t stick to it in general. The point being its time to kick in a healthy new year and start with a change in training and diet!

As I get ready for my next Dan grading in a few months I am going to change up my training a bit. I am focusing the mornings on my jogging and stretching to get more endurance and stamina for Karate training and to drop weight for the test, and my health in general.

The PM work outs are all Karate and conditioning. I am going to be focusing on the Kata I have picked to test with Jion. I like this kata and it’s a great Kata to show off the basic principles that I want to demonstrate. However, I will be working on one senior Kata a month to enjoy and pus some spirit into my training. This month (January/February) is Sochin. I like Sochin but several people I know of that do this Kata are built for it. I want to do Sochin not only because I am built for it, but it will help me with some of my grounding skills.

Outside of this I will be doing conditioning training with the Kombat Konditioning after Karate training nightly. My version of conditioning is to take basic and combination exercises (like Burpees) and put them to a 2 minute max. This means for two minutes I will do as many push ups, sit ups or Burpees…or whatever self-torture I select and do them for the full two minutes, move to the next one quickly and move along. It’s a hell of a work out and it also pushes the body to work under stress and employ a exercise that will develop the body quickly.

The whole point of January and February is to start building up fitness and get back in shape. After testing I am going to continue this but focus more on endurance so I can run in Emmas Crusin’ fun run. Its going to be a blast but I want to do it.

I am also starting a healthy diet and not eating crappy foods that don’t help me train and drop weight. Mags has been real great making sure I have the right foods when we can, I just have to figure out how to avoid the temptation of take out and delivery when the food is low in the house and I don’t have the car. Also, I am starting off writing everything down so that I know at the end of the day what I did for the day.

Karate training is going to focus on flexibility , Kata and conditioning to try and get the body back in shape, but I want to improve my kicking strength a bit more. So, I hope to find a few willing pad holders…and some good training partners to stop in on week ends when I want to really hit the pads.

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