Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March –May training program

For the months of March to the end of May my training is changing up a little bit. I am wanting to get a different view of some of the training I have been doing so I am swapping up and adding a few extra days of training.

I am going doing a Jogging program in the mornings Monday to Friday that includes the jogging program to get in a ½ hour of jogging to promote cardiovascular health and help with some weight loss and also adding my sprints at the end. Not only does this help with stamina and assist with speed training but it will also help mimic a Karate work out in the nature of being both Aerobic and then Anaerobic in nature.

My nights are all about Karate and Conditioning. I am focusing my training on short bursts of energy like 2 minutes of as many front kicks as I can throw and then 2 minutes of as many crunches. For technical development I am focusing on Jion and my three Kata I study normally (Kanku Dai, Nijushiho and Meikyo). I am battling a hip issue right now but the first few work outs proved fine during the work out and only troublesome when I cooled down.

I am also including much more stretching as the hip issue is a pain, pardon the pun. I have found that my flexibility, even with the sore hip is not limiting my movement during work outs.

I am spending a lot of time on dynamic Kumite drills and impact training with my training partners and alone. This means getting my training as close to Showa style as possible with dynamic and explosive moves that will end engagements fast. The point to this training is to create as explosive a Kumite style as possible and focus at home on refining techniques.

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