Monday, November 5, 2012

Getting back to fundamentals

Lately I have been focusing what little training time I have had on Meikyo. My training includes going through the kata and examining angles as well as looking at applications for specific movements. I am starting to work on the premise the Kata has such a focus on angles that if you are off by even a degree or more you’re never going to make it back to the starting position…and in this case it’s an example of examining angles and not really giving a hoot about the finish.

The Kata is very introspective and has been making me look at my hips a bit more in the way of how hip flexibility is very important in most movements but more so in this Kata. My Kiba dachi was fantastic when I was younger but over the years my hip has stiffened and I have to focus on getting the rust out!

Meikyo is a fantastic Kata because it’s all about strategy and using unique angles and a jump to get out of trouble.

However, my training is about to make a drastic change in the next week. I am shifting my training from kind of “whatever I want to do” to a much more focused practice of foundation elements in Karate. I am going to take 16 weeks and really focus on basics, stances, repetitions of Kihon waza and getting back to stripping down fancy Karate to be as pure and basic as possible. My intent is to get back to the guts of training and get my conditioning up while building a solid foundation…or rebuilding as it were.

Having focused so long on fancy stuff that really was just fun for me but never had to any focus and for the last few years….read decade, focused on teaching over self-training most of the time…it’s time to start at scratch and begin training with an intent of rebuilding my foundation!

I think at some point, as a black belt, you have to step back and look at your training and see what works for you and what is not working at all. For me the fact that time constraints and family has pushed me to work out only 2-3 times at home a week maximum and nothing has really been done for my cardio for some time its time to address the deficiencies in my training.

I have a nice foundation based training program that I am starting to help with the key fitness elements and I am going to focus a lot on just repetitions of basics, on casting off extra movements in Kihon to get to the purest elements in my Karate.

My weekly blog will show my progress in stripping down my Karate and getting rid of the extras, refining the purest elements and pushing through to get the foundational elements of Karate built back into my style while casting off fancy and useless movements.

I had noticed I tend to flip my wrist on some techniques and my stances need more power and strength training. Its time to focus on core basics and get back to hard core training principles.

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