Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Back to basics, building a foundation.

Foundation work

Foundation work takes time and its hard on the body. My program keeps changing and my training time is limited to the half hour a day on Karate and some conditioning, but with out my set training schedule and focus, I went back to training in things I was having fun with and avoided some real important upgrades in my basics.

Back on track with a brand new training program that is going to focus a lot more on basic training, fundamentals and conditioning the body again. I have inserted a jogging program because to be frank it has been to long since I dropped a bit of weight and the winter is always hard no my belt knots!

My goal is to be back down about 30 pounds by my birthday and have more solid basics with some good cardio training to condition my body. I also have some more training ideas I am playing with but for now its just jogging four times a week, hitting the dojo as scheduled and upping my home work from three times a week to four as well as my half hour basics training each day.

I also have my eyes set on rehabbing my hip and getting back on track with that. Back to basics Again! I also want to start using the blog to help update my training and keep it real in my head by posting my training and my goals with my results! I plan on being realistic…Hey I’m 40, but I want to train like I am 30 again!!!!!

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