Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to Kensei's Shogyu

Kensei’s Shogyu When I was asked to start a blog about training I kind of thought that it would be a good idea to not just say what had done, but why and give some other ideas. First off let me say I am a traditionalist with a twist. My education is in the study of the human body, but my experience is in traditional Shotokan Karate. This blog is going to look into training ideas and practices as well as a healthy dose of actual Shotokan training. I want to make this blog a balance of what I am doing in my traditional Shotokan training as well as my auxiliary training and what I am doing in my work outs at home. I will also be putting together blogs about trends in training, nutrition and other training ideas that come up that may be helpful to your training, as well as expelling myths of training, trashing FAKE training ideas and psudo-Science that is simply not true! Hope it helps

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